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stardew valley pierre

Stardew Valley: Pierre

Pierre Information Birthday:  Spring 26 Lives In: Pelican Town Address: Pierre’s General Store Family: Caroline (Wife) Abigail (Daughter) Marriage: No Best Gifts: Fried Calamari We are always happy to help you develop your Stardew Valley friendship. In this article, we are going to talk about a significant figure in Pelican Town. It’s Pierre, the owner of the […]

Stardew valley Pam

Stardew Valley: Pam

Pam Information Birthday:  Spring 18 Lives In: Pelican Town Address: Trailer Family: Penny (Daughter) Friends: Gus Marriage: No Best Gifts: Beer Cactus Fruit Glazed Yams Mead Pale Ale Parsnip Parsnip Soup We keep introducing people of Stardew Valley, and in this article, we’re going to talk about Pam. She lives in Pelican Town, west of the […]

Stardew valley Jas

Stardew Valley: Jas

Jas Information Birthday:  Summer 4 Lives In: Cindersap Forest Address: Marnie’s Ranch Family: Marnie (Aunt) Shane (Godfather) Friends: Vincent Marriage: No Best Gifts: Fairy Rose Pink Cake Plum Pudding Stardew Valley Jas is one of the Stardew Valley children who lives in Cindersap Forest which can be found south of the farm, just outside of Pelican Farm. […]

stardew valley Kent

Stardew Valley: Kent

Kent Information Birthday:  Spring 4 Lives In: Pelican Town Address: 1 Willow Lane Family: Jodi (Wife) Vincent (Son) Sam (Son) Friends: Caroline Marriage: No Best Gifts: Fiddlehead Risotto Roasted Hazelnuts If you’re playing the Stardew Valley game and you’re looking for Kent, he can be found in Pelican Town when he is not serving in the army and […]

stardew valley krobus

Stardew Valley: Krobus

Krobus Information Birthday:  Winter 1 Lives In: The Sewers Address: Krobus’s Shop Marriage: No Best Gifts: Diamond Iridium Bar Pumpkin Void Egg Void Mayonnaise Wild Horseradish One of the more interesting adventures that you come across is Krobus who is a small shadowy creature that you come across early in the game. You’ll find Jas […]

Stardew valley sandy

Stardew Valley: Sandy

  Sandy Information Birthday:  Fall 15 Lives In: The Desert Address: Oasis Friends: Emily Marriage: No Best Gifts: Crocus Daffodil Sweet Pea We really want you to get many friends so that your farmer would never feel lonely in Stardew Valley game! That’s why we provide you with all necessary information about the inhabitants of […]